10 Vegan Pantry Staples

The longer that you live in a house, the fuller your pantry will become. It’s completely natural, you just gather stuff and shove it in the back of your cupboard. Whether it’s tins of soup that were on special or you bought a special type of pasta for a specific recipe you were following – a pantry grows the more you cook!

If you’re just moving into a new place, transitioning towards a more plant based diet, or have been a vegan for years, here is a list of ten staples that everyone should have in their pantry. All of these items will add fiber, flavor, protein and texture to your plant based meals!

  • Oats – a perfect healthy little grain. They are full of important vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and are a great source of carbs, healthy fat, protein and fiber. As well as being little nutrition power houses they are super tasty and there is so much that you can do with them.
  • Grains – having a grain on the side of any meal bulks up the nutritional value of the meal, as well as adding texture and flavor. There are so many to choose from but some of my favorites are brown rice, white rice, quinoa and couscous.
  • Beans – there is always at least two varieties of beans in my cupboard, whether they are dried or canned. I throw them into anything and everything from soaps to salads! Some of my favorites are chickpeas and red lentils. Beans are just full of fiber, protein and so so delicious!
  • Pasta/noodles – I love pasta. All kinds of pasta. It’s such a quick, simple and filing food. The amount of variety these days is awesome – you can get normal, whole wheat, multi-grain, gluten-free, chickpea, lentil, brown rice… the list goes on. I’ve always got a spaghetti type pasta, and a penne or rotini in the cupboard.
  • Canned tomatoes – it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, a can of tomatoes will never go amiss. You can make just about anything as long as you have a can of tomatoes, from a pasta sauce, to chili, to curry, to a stew.
  • Coconut milk – if you want something to be super creamy and rich then you need a can of coconut milk. It’s the vegan, and much tastier, version of whole cream. Also, you can make vegan whipped cream from it, so what’s not to love?
  • Nuts – If you’ve ever looked up a vegan recipe on the internet then you know that nuts are everything. Especially cashews – I just wish they weren’t so damned expensive. You wanna make cheese? You need nuts. You wanna make a creamy pasta sauce? You need nuts. You wanna make vegan sausages? You need nuts. As well as being super handy to make everything, they are super tasty and a really nice snack. If you have any left after making all the cheese!
  • Stock cubes – did you know that a lot of stock cubes are vegan? Yes, even the chicken ones – just be sure to read the ingredients. I’ve always got a box of veggie ones in the cupboard. They add so much flavor.
  • Nut butter – it’s delicious, need I say more? There are so many varieties, and a nut butter will always add some healthy fats and flavor to whatever you’re eating. I love almond butter with dates, peanut butter in smoothies or on apple slices, and tahini on my salads. The possibilities are endless. I’m also partial to eating a nut butter out of the jar with a spoon.
  • Flour – If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed since moving back to Canada it’s the bread. I mean, seriously, why are there so many ingredients in it? Why is it always sweet? What is wrong with bread over here? I don’t eat that much bread anymore, but if I do fancy some I usually try to make it myself. But I use flour for lots of things from baking, to thickening up sauces, to making falafels. It seems you can get flour made from everything these days from red lentil to coconut. I usually have a few varieties in the cupboard, and it always comes in handy.

This is a beginners basic list – check back for more specialized lists coming soon!

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